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Our packaging vendor, Grounded, has designed a unique system to create transparency across packaging material and sustainability data. Through the this bag saves impact framework customers are able to target three critical environmental issues:

  1. Circularity
  2. Atmospheric Carbon
  3. Ocean Health

Through this framework, we commit to tracking how much our packaging will impact the air, oceans, and environment.

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Impact Calculator

Grounded's sophisticated environmental impact calculator takes over 60,000 data points from our supply chain to measure the impact we're making by moving towards a more sustainable packaging solution.

Savings from changing materials

Footprint from production & logistics


To offset the impact of carbon emissions created during production and logistics, Grounded buys carbon credits. The price of credits vary depending on the project. They work hard to handpick the most efficient and effective projects that reduce CO2 pollution. All of the carbon credits bought are verified by either Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

  • 1,860 kg CO2

    The total carbon footprint offset for this order

  • 36,289

    Number of party balloons that hold the equivalent amount of CO2

  • 6

    Number of projects supported

  • 0 kg

    The net emissions from Quarrelsome Coffee's 8oz, 12oz, and 5lb bag order

All impact figures graciously provided by Grounded Packaging.