Quarrelsome Coffee was founded by the inquisitive minds at Omega Yeast, a leading yeast provider in the craft brewing industry, to explore intentional, anaerobic fermentation within the world of specialty coffee. It’s through our sense of wonder and meticulous attention to detail that we have been shaping our coffee company piece by piece.

Our focus on fermentation has allowed us to establish genuine, inclusive, and mutually sustainable relationships with a network of exceptionally talented coffee producers whom we commit to partnering with harvest after harvest. As we expand and increase our volumes, we will prioritize purchasing larger quantities of green coffee from our partnering producers, with the goal of circular growth.

Inspired by the boundless potential of coffee, our aim is to provide customers with a fresh, thought-provoking experience and bring excitement to the coffee community.

We’d be happy to tell you what we love about coffee, but we’d be happier to hear what you love about it.