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Intentional Fermentation

Inoculated by Quarrelsome

By intentionally manipulating the fermentation process with specific yeast and bacteria strains from Omega Yeast, we created a unique line of coffees that we're calling Inoculated by Quarrelsome™ (IBQ), characterized by novel flavors and aromas. Our ongoing experiments continue to expand this innovative collection, inviting customers to stay connected for upcoming releases.

The Quarrelsome Difference
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    The Café

    We aim to create purposeful spaces that reflect the quality of our coffee. Creating a positive, immersive, and unique memory for everyone who walks through our doors is something we will always prioritize.

    Our Location

    The Roastery

    Our goal in roasting is to target a delicate harmony between acidity, dimensionality, and sweetness. Exposure with minimal impact is the aim—in other words, we approach roasting through the lens of unlocking qualities in the green coffee rather than creating them. The majority of our coffees lean into a delicate, fruity, and floral expression.

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